National Internet Filtering System

From: Ish Sookun <>
Date: Sun, 10 May 2015 09:53:01 +0400

Hello Mr Oolun,

As a concerned Internet user in Mauritius, I expect an explanation by the
ICT Authority on the installation of a "National Internet Filtering System"
as published by Watchdog International[1].

Was there a public consultation before the ICT Authority decides to "spy"
the Mauritian Internet users? What if as an Internet consumer in Mauritius
I refuse to be spied over? Does that mean I have to stop using the Internet?

Was there any research carried out in Mauritius showing that the "National
Internet Filtering System" will reduce Child Sexual Abuse? Does the
Internet filtering system Guarantee that such content will NOT be
accessible at all?

I strongly deplore the action by the ICT Authority to monitor my Internet
usage without notifying me and asking for permission.

As this matter concerns Internet users in Mauritius, I am copying my email
to the Mauritius Internet Users, members of the local press and the Data
Protection Office.

I should also disclose that I am a member of the ICT Advisory Council and
this email will be viewable on a public mailing list.



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