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From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2021 03:17:16 -0700

Hi Ajay,
At 10:58 PM 07-10-2021, Ajay R Ramjatan wrote:
>This issue of no longer having access to the FTTH router has been
>causing me numerous issues for quite some time. I am unable to
>do static MAC-IP mappings for some devices on my network such as
>printer, wifi repeater, Smart TV etc. I could also do other things
>such as change my SSID or add different SSIDs with open access for
>guests when I had major family events at home. I recall when I had
>access to my router, I had configured as primary DNS on the
>router because Quad 9 provides DNS-level security that protects the
>users of my network against malicious websites. Quad 9 suffered an
>outage a few months ago and could not be reached. I could not remove
> from the configuration as I no longer had access to the
>router and had to wait for the primary DNS request to timeout to
>fallback to the secondary one. I have not yet been convinced why a
>subscriber should not have access to a device installed in their residence.

I use DHCP to assign IP addresses to some of the devices, e.g. WiFi
repeater, on the network. I also run a local DNS server instead of
relying on an external service.

One of the problems with the ONT is that access to its configuration
is erratic. That is a problem, as you mentioned, in case of an outage.

The response which I received (thanks to Ish) is that Bridge mode
could compromise the security of the ISP or the customer. I am not
convinced by that explanation as there isn't any evidence to support
it. The ISP suggested a business offer which support Bridge
mode. It doesn't make sense that there might be a security problem
when both the business and home offers are based on FTTH. I expect a
Home offer which is Open Source-friendly. That does not seem to be
the case here.

Please see

   1. It is not possible for the subscriber to ensure that the settings of his
      modem is correctly set as specified in Section 12.14.

   2. Section 12.21 specifies that the subscriber has to use the
ISP's CPE at all
      times to access the Service. That means that the subscriber can only
      purchase a CPE from the ISP.

   3. Section 16.2 specifies that the subscriber is required to
regularly consult
     the ISP's website for instructions or any change in service. There wasn't
     any information on the website about a change affecting "PPPoE"

S. Moonesamy
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