Request for Open Data

From: Sandeep Ramgolam <>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2022 11:11:17 +0400

Hello Sir/Madam,

I followed the information on your website[1] about request for climate
data and found this email address.

I would like to know if Mauritius Meteorological Services provides
recent weather data for free in an open format? 
That would hopefully be in line with the Open Data
Initiative [2] [3] announced by the goverment a few years ago.

I am specifically looking for a similar type of data available on the
myT weather app, which they indicate is from your office[4].

I would be grateful if you could point me in the correct direction to
access these data sets.

Reason for request of data

I am a Mauritian Developer who builds small open source projects about
interesting things on the island in good faith as it helps other people
and allows me to use my skills in a creative and useful manner. 
I would like to build a small weather application, personal non-
commercial project, to experiment with weather data available for

In a slightl more technical term, JSON data would be ideal, but any
other accesible and open format would also be welcome.

You can see a few of my existing projects below :

Mauritius Sea Cables -
Maurtius Fuel Prices -
Mauritius Internet Prices -
Mauritius Covid-19 Tracker -

All of which are open-source projects where the data and the code are
made freely and publicly accessible under fair use.

I am CC'ing the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list for transparency
and Mr R. Hawabhay who had been involved in previous open data

Best Regards and In Good Faith
Software Engineer

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