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Hi Ish,

I read the blog article at You
mentioned that "the destruction of the database has cost the
government approximately Rs 6M (including the travel & stay expenses
of Singaporean consultants)". There was a judgment in the Supreme Court:

   "the provisions in the National Identity Card Act and the Data
Protection Act
    for the storage of personal biometric data, including
fingerprints, collected
    for the purpose of the biometric identity card of the plaintiff, are

It will cost money to destroy the personal biometric data. From what
you wrote, I understood that you do not agree to spend money on that.

The blog article mentions a "standalone reader". I could not find
any information about that. Will the Linux User Group Meta advocate
that such a reader supports Open Source Software?

There is a decision [1] by the Data Protection Commissioner in which
it is stated that:

   "the use of fingerprints for attendance purposes by Respondent No.2
    regarding those who have not expressly consented to it cannot be deemed
    to be in strict compliance of the letter of section 22 of the Data
    Protection Act and cannot fall within the purview of the employment
    contract as provided either under section 24 or 25 of the Data
    Protection Act".

Can the ID Card be used for identification?

I read the last part of your blog article and the Information and
Communication Technologies Act 2001:

   "There is established for the purposes of this Act an information and
    Communication Technologies Advisory Council known as the ICT Advisory

   "The Council shall advise the Minister on any matter relating to -"

   "(d) information and communication technologies including telecommunications
        which, in its opinion, should be referred to the Minister;"

Are you saying that Avinash Meetoo, Logan and you are not able to
provide advice?

S. Moonesamy

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