Re: OTAM want to replace Mauritians with cheap labour !

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> Hi SM & Others,
> I approved a bunch of comments on my blog. There's one who is quite
> intriguing. Unfortunately, the author did not put his name. Have a look:
> "
> Problem with geeks, they do not have business minds, context and approach.
> Wages especially in the private sector are determined by the market forces
> of demand and supply. Your government can attempt to deter and disrupt this
> phenomenon with a policy, but as long as that policy has consequences of
> tampering with a company's bottom line as a result of higher wages with no
> considerable increase in outputs, that same policy will die a natural
> death. And we shall be back to what works. If a foreign worker can deliver
> the same as a Mauritian worker at half the wage, its a no brainer. *The
> company will and should hire a foreign worker*.
> "
> We got an interesting reply to that:

_at_Feef: then the company should just run in a foreign country. Tax
evasion(for example pay less than in Europe) and other incentives are
enough right now. If they need better quality employees, then I don't see
the logic of removing the 30k, because even the best bargain for quality
programmers(Bangladesh) will ask more than 30k. Pa lakaz mama ici
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