Re: Poor Airbox Internet Speed

From: Abdallah Ramsing <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 08:52:31 +0400

Hi guys,

Thanks for your feedback on the Emtel Airbox service. I had the intention
of acquiring it myself in the near future but it seems that the Internet
facilities are not worth it.
I think I will prefer investing more on my current MyT connection.
That is the advantage of getting to discuss with early adopters.

Have a nice week ahead.


On 13 July 2015 at 01:35, DR <> wrote:

> Interesting.
> Somehow there is always something in me that doesn't trust Emtel one bit.
> Yes the offers are fantastic. Yes I want one too.. but there is always that
> "little something" in the back of my mind that makes me not trust them.
> Somehow it doesn't surprise me your speed dropped.
> An Emtel lady rang me over 10 days ago, in response to my application. I
> was both happy and surprised that they actually responded to my
> application!!!. She said someone would "call me soon". Been around 10 days
> now.. no call... as per usual.
> Dhiruj Rambaran.
> On 12/07/2015 21:57, Sun wrote:
> Hello Emtel,
> I waited the whole day for my favourite stream to be online tonight,
> only to find out that my Airbox has dropped dramatically in speed.
> My stream : is not even playing on 'low' quality
> where previously I was able to stream flawlessly on HIGH quality.
> I immediately reset the airbox and performed a speedtest on the Emtel
> RoseHill Server, I got 7mbps, I tried again and got 13mbps. FYI, I have a
> 20M subscription.
> I performed a test on international servers, and the results were all
> under 1MBPS, hence explaining my streaming issues with
> I called 8970 and the lady made me repeat all the serial numbers on the
> back of my airbox. That was quite painful(and unnecesary??), then she said
> technicians would contact me during the week. I insisted that that's
> unacceptable as the stream is live AT THE MOMENT. During the week I go to
> work, I mostly need a reliable connection during the weekend, I asked her
> numerous times to connect me to a technician or somebody who could solve my
> problem right now. She kept telling me to be patient, as if I wasn't clear
> enough. Then she connected my call to her superior, the latter, sang the
> same song to me. I insisted I needed the problem to be solved on the spot,
> but she kept telling me to be patient(is that something they are told to
> tell customers?? )
> In the end I gave up. I will not be able to enjoy my livestream tonight
> because of your unreliable network. I am copying this email to the
> Mauritius Internet Users mailing list.
> Fix This. Please.
> *RAMGOLAM Sandeep *
> *Front-end Developer - Designer - Web Enthusiast - Gamer *
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