Re: 100Mbps and Torrent

From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 05:43:52 -0700

Hi Sun,
At 03:57 26-04-2015, Sun wrote:
>Long Answer. Since the way torrent works is that it downloads pieces
>of the files from the closest peers. If two peers were on the same
>100Mbps connection, it would be really fast. I have a myT 512k
>connection, but myT also gives me 2MB local connectivity. So,
>sometimes I get 2MB torrent speed when I'm doing research work if
>other people are downloading the same research materials. Else I'm
>stuck on 512k.

According to Mauritius Telecom, the 2 Mbps local connectivity which
it advertised on its web site was an error. In the above, you
mentioned getting 2 Mbps local connectivity. Could you please do a
test which shows that you are getting 2 Mbps local connectivity and
send the results to the mailing list?

S. Moonesamy
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