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Mauritius needs a defense force


“I think that it's high time for Mauritius” - Yes


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In kenya there are policemen in every shop and at every corner of the block...maybe its due to alshabaab but it still generates employment

As for cybercrime unit.....its probably for those people who have free time and would love to help out for thisbtime i do not think the government will pay for something like this....

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On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 9:12 PM, S Moonesamy < <> > wrote:
> Hi Logan,
> At 12:56 04-04-2015, Loganaden Velvindron wrote:
>> The question that I ask myself is whether Mauritius can defend itself,
>> if someone decides to put a page on criticising the lack of
>> democracy in China ?
> Did you find any web page on criticizing something?

Nope. Maybe, I should put one, and also criticise Jinfei :-)

> Last month, you mentioned a national "defence force" for the digital world.
> Are you proposing that for Mauritius?

Mauritius is spending more money, by putting more policemen on the streets.

 There were tensions due to the double tax treaty with India, could
the cybercrime Unit protect us in case of DDOS ?

If the answer is NO, then, I think that it's high time for Mauritius
to have its own "cyber-army".

> Regards,
> S. Moonesamy

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