Re: Should we consider fingerprint minutiae as biometric data?

From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 05:25:09 -0700

Hi Ajay, Ish,
At 03:23 10-04-2017, Ajay R Ramjatan wrote:
>My understanding is that the court ruling required the database of
>fingerprints to be deleted. Minutiae themselves can be preserved as
>far as I understand. It is possible that the officer was refering to
>the minutiae when quoted saying "Pa traka, nou ankor ena so
>lanprint." The article on <> is
>not signed by a specific journalist.

It is not unusual to see news articles on and which do not contain the name of the journalist who
wrote the news article. I agree with Ish's comment about
hearsay. In the absence of publicly available information people in
Mauritius have to choose whether to rely on news articles in the
newspaper which are vague. The Data Protection Office has the
ability to investigate if there is information which might point to
data protection issues. The alternative is to rely on investigations
from non-governmental organizations to get the facts about the
technical aspects.

S. Moonesamy
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