Re: Press says Amazon dedicates a branch to Mauritians

From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 06:09:12 -0700

Hi Ish,
At 04:50 10-04-2017, Ish Sookun wrote:
>Did you read this
>What are your thoughts?

The news article describes as
a "filiale française du groupe". The web site is
not mentioned on any Amazon web
site. Furthermore, there is already an Amazon
affiliate in France. According to the "fondateur
et président-directeur général (P.-D.G.) d’Amazon
Mauritius" the company is an Amazon
reseller. Why is the company using ?

 From the news article:

   "Il explique que les consommateurs mauriciens qui achètent sur bénéficient de la garantie légale française."

Wouldn't a consumer in Mauritius have to be a
French resident to benefit from "la garantie légale française"?

S. Moonesamy
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