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From: Jules Mike Giovanni <>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 03:41:34 -0800

Hi SM,

Indeed the average user does not care much about the technicalities and
only wants something that has a good ease-of-use. I don't even think
they look at the specs to choose a phone. Most of them goes for what's
trending or what they have been suggested to buy by others.

Oh, sorry about the misunderstanding. When I meant "web" apps, I did not
actually mean web apps(full html5 apps) but mostly apps created with the
web technologies in a hybrid fashion. In effect, "web" apps for me meant
html5 apps that run inside a native container with a "bridge" to
communicate with native functionalities.

I do prefer full native over hybrid myself for the said reason. But
coding in full native sometimes can be time consuming and companies with
limited workforce which are also aiming for cross-platform compabilities
tend to go semi-native by using Xamarin[1] for example, or hybrid by
using Ionic[2] for instance. Now whether companies will cater for
firefox OS is another question. Even how easy it will be to move a
hybrid app on Android to the firefox OS platform, it might still not
happen due to how niche firefox OS market is at the moment. Specially
for Mauritius, where covering all three platforms (firefox OS, android
and iOS) might not be a prerequisite since, like you said, android is
more dominant here. If ever the likes as Xamarin and Ionic bring
supports to firefox OS in some way or another, we might still see some
growth in the firefox Marketplace, but nothing like a big bang.

Kind Regards,


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