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Hello SM,

I was quite surprised to see that comparison between Mauritius and the U.S
though U.S has a population of approx 318 million.

I agree that not all local web sites have useful contents.
Maybe it's all about the culture and the approach to tackle
feedback. People are most of the time defensive when you
share your opinion about something they created or organized
rather than discussing on how they can improve.

We have been discussing security and phishing problems
and I do not recall receiving a mail from one of those
companies who said 'thank you' or who contacted us to
understand the impact of that particular issue.
They would rather remain silent or ignore mails.
It is even more disappointing when you relate technical
issues to Government Officials and they ignore mails and
end up talking about 'Mauritius, a Cyber-Island'.

>47% of the persons surveyed use their smartphone for basic activities.
> In my opinion the smartphone is being used more as a
>phone instead of a "smart" device.

Some people buy smartphones to be able to fit in society because owning
the latest devices is the trend. Use a Nokia 3310 and you will feel like an
outcast- it may sound hard but it's true even though the lifetime of that
device is better than smartphones.

Devices are mostly purchased for basic activities (Phone calls, SMS, taking
pictures, agenda etc). People would rely on using laptops and computers
since they perform better regarding specific tasks.Or, maybe you meant
the device-smartphone to it's full potential?
How buying a smartphone makes us more productive?

Kind regards,
Shelly Hermia Bhujun

On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 12:51 AM, S Moonesamy <> wrote:

> Hi Vincent,
> Thanks for posting the article to the mailing list. I would like to thank
> the Mauritius Commercial Bank for publishing the results of the survey.
> I'll compare the results with a survey in the U.S.:
> Mauritius U.S.
> 18-29 80% 85%
> 30-49 79% 79%
> Overall (the comparison does not show it), Mauritius has a higher
> smartphone ownership than the U.S.
> The relatively low percentage of web activity could be explained by:
> (a) Web sites not being mobile-ready
> (b) Local web sites not having useful content
> (c) non-existent apps economy
> 47% of the persons surveyed use their smartphone for basic activities. In
> my opinion the smartphone is being used more as a phone instead of a
> "smart" device.
> Regards,
> S. Moonesamy
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