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Hello SM,

On 7/26/15 11:03 PM, S Moonesamy wrote:
> I got the warning too. I was reading
> The
> defintion of "peer review" is "evaluation of scientific, academic, or
> professional work by others working in the same field". I would
> consider a report as credible if the review was performed in an open
> manner. I like what you wrote about a "mere junior" voicing out your
> opinion; you won't gain experience unless you do that.

Thanks for the clarification of peer review. I got the above as an
answer when I asked how to get credibility on an analysis. The person
mentioned getting reviews by professionals in the field. I confirmed him
that yes a peer review would bring more credibility. I also mentioned
that one should clearly mention the observation, how things were
analyzed and how a conclusion was drawn. I think the latter refers to
the openness you're mentioning.

> What questions did you get?

Prior, during and after the presentation I got questions like:

How old are you?
Where did you do your studies?
Are you from the University of Mauritius?
Do we have career prospects in digital forensics in Mauritius?
Would a course in "computer security" help me?
When you wrote about the biometric ID card, did you get threats?
Was there any work pressure when you voiced out the security concerns in
the ID card project?
What happened when you worked at the Mauritius Commercial Bank?

The presentation was interactive and the audience agreed that when
communicating via emails, having several people CC'ed makes the
communication more effective. I stressed on email communication as a
means to keep a record of the discussion.

I briefly talked about "Internet filtering" and there was a comment that
the cybercrime unit had unrestricted access to the infrastructure of
ISPs & Telecom operators and that anybody's phone could be taped. I said
I didn't find that mentioned on the government websites & documents.
There was an LLB student who mentioned that at any time for the
cybercrime unit to effect any such operation they would require a
judge's order and there would be transparency. I agreed with her.


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