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From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2015 18:00:00 -0700

Hi Dan,
At 00:44 19-07-2015, Daniel Laeng wrote:
>I find this expectation odd. Not everybody has the same level of
>interest, and I don't find it reasonable to force higher
>participation onto specific people. Being a member of this list is
>a good way to keep track of certain topics of interest in Mauritius,
>that doesn't require participation. I don't see the harm in people
>lurking. I do believe that trying to force higher participation
>will cause people to leave - I don't see that as an advantage to the MIU.

Ish is the only person in our field who helped university students on
a regular basis. He has been trying to increase participation as
that effort is not sustainable. What he may be trying to say is
that we do not wish to encourage a lecture-style approach. It is the
custom to sign up university students to make a group appear
impressive. Does this group do that?

I agree that trying to force participation will cause people to
leave. The topic is also about whether the group should encourage a
practice which keeps the island to a "developing country" level.

>I'm not sure the university should get an opinion, unless the
>students are discussing issues within the university, or trying to
>represent the university. Having said that, I've seen several
>discussions which are about issues which relate to the university.


>My email archive thinks differently:
>April 2015: Access to the university LCMS platform
>December 2014: Computer Science code of practice
>October 2014: University DNS issues
>September 2014: WiFi issues on the campus
>September 2014: Downtime at the university website

There were four topics last year and only one this year. The drop is
because the usual participants no longer discuss about issues within
a university. The April 2015 topic (
) was a question about DNS. The question was posted by a university student.

S. Moonesamy
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