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From: Daniel Laeng <>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2015 11:44:16 +0400

Hi guys,

I'll chime in with my 2 cents worth.

>> For such a reason, you guys have taken a decision to make students use
>> their University email address?
> It appears like students are still not looking at that to their
> advantage.
Being forced to do things is usually not to somebody's advantage. I
find it an odd (and intrusive) rule, and wouldn't be happy if it applied
to me.

I am strict with how I use my email addresses, and my work email
addresses are never used for anything outside of work. When I had a
university email address, it was never used for anything outside of my
studies. For me the MIU is not relevant to my work, and it wouldn't
have been directly relevant to my studies, so I'd choose my personal
email address. Being forced to use my work or university email address
would not be acceptable to me.

> Mauritius Internet Users take a stand when there are issues affecting
> internet in Mauritius. MIU != Social Network, MIU != A website
I think MIU has elements of a both a social network and a website. It's
definitely networking a group of people on certain issues (although
perhaps not socially), and everything we write here ends up on a website.

> We expect students to contribute at some time and not just keep
> "learning by observing".
I find this expectation odd. Not everybody has the same level of
interest, and I don't find it reasonable to force higher participation
onto specific people. Being a member of this list is a good way to keep
track of certain topics of interest in Mauritius, that doesn't require
participation. I don't see the harm in people lurking. I do believe
that trying to force higher participation will cause people to leave - I
don't see that as an advantage to the MIU.

> For that matter, there is the web archive. Having students who are
> eager to learn and engage in discussions will be both beneficial to
> MIU and the universities.
I agree that participation is beneficial to the MIU, but trying to force
participation will most likely backfire. I wouldn't be impressed if
participation was forced upon me.

> I do not see any university being uncomfortable to have its students
> discussing innovation & advancement on the internet.
I'm not sure the university should get an opinion, unless the students
are discussing issues within the university, or trying to represent the
university. Having said that, I've seen several discussions which are
about issues which relate to the university.

> We are not discussing university issues.
My email archive thinks differently:

  * April 2015: Access to the university LCMS platform
  * December 2014: Computer Science code of practice
  * October 2014: University DNS issues
  * September 2014: WiFi issues on the campus
  * September 2014: Downtime at the university website

> I still find hard to believe why some people are so emotional about
> their email address.
Because the MIU is setting up unusual rules, which are forcing people to
change their behaviour.

> It gives me the feeling that emails are not used as they should be in
> Mauritius.
It gives me the feeling that the MIU has decided how some of its members
should use their emails. I'll repeat that I find it unusual, and
somewhat intrusive.



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