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From: DR <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2015 15:22:16 +0400

Hi Ish,

Whatever way you look at it, asking someone the diff between someone's
client and employer is, to me, either a profound ignorance or an
impertinence. Neither appeals to me.

However granted I do not read all the mails emanating from this list to
know whether impertinence is common in this list because, if it is, then
I would request for my own removal.

I prefer the focus is on technical/technology.

Kind regards,

Dhiruj Rambaran

On 14/07/2015 14:41, Ish Sookun wrote:
> Hi Dhiruj,
> On 7/14/15 1:56 PM, DR wrote:
>> I thus make a request for you to kindly apologise to Mr Logan as I feel
>> this is an attack on his professionalism.
> I do not find the question unjustified. Giving a half answer or
> leaving something unclear is not productive in a discussion. I've seen
> both SM and Shelly reminding people that they've asked a question to
> which the person hasn't replied. It is impolite to evade a question.
> Impertinence has occurred many times on this mail list; they were more
> serious than Shelly's question. Shelly has a point since she still
> awaits a clear answer whether Logan represented the Mauritius Internet
> Users or not. I read her email twice and I conclude she persisted on
> the "job at or for Google" to highlight whether it was difficult for
> someone "who works with Google" to ask Government officials clarity on
> his representation in a meeting.
> Shelly is currently managing the mailing list & if tomorrow any press
> person questions her about the .mu multi-stakeholder forum, she'll
> stand there with no clear answer.
> On the other hand, I understand Logan's stand because indeed it is not
> easy to get "clear" answers for government officials in a written
> format. It was one for the reasons why I stepped down from the .mu
> multi-stakeholder forum and I apologized to members of MIU.
> Regards,
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