RE: Stepping down from .mu Multi-Stakeholder forum

From: Irshaad Abdool <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2015 00:20:42 +0400

Hi Ish;
I appreciate your decision to step-down from the Forum. But maybe the reason should not be exactly because of your disapproval with the way the meetings are conducted but I would be better if it was done in-protest in a effort to expect a change in the future from those guys.

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> Subject: Re: Stepping down from .mu Multi-Stakeholder forum
> Hi Ish,
> At 10:31 01-07-2015, Ish Sookun wrote:
> >I apologize to you all for taking a major decision without having
> >discussed it here before. I have announced the Multi-stakeholder
> >forum that I do not wish to participate in further meetings.
> Thank you for explaining why you took the decision to step down.
> In my opinion, the allegations which were made against Logan and you
> are unjustified.
> >S. Moonesamy and I, we were asked not to share the Multi-stakeholder
> >forum happenings with people outside the "government conference
> >room". That made us uneasy and SM repeatedly explained the members
> >we operate in a transparent manner and decisions are reached through
> >consensus. Some people giggled and could not understand this
> >concept. One member said it is not necessary to go back and relate
> >everything to your members, they have chosen you, you can decide for them.
> I believe that it is not in the interest of the persons on this
> mailing list to be kept in the dark. That seems what we are being
> asked to do as representatives if we decide about everything without
> taking the opinions of our members into consideration. As you
> mentioned above, some people do not understand the concepts under
> which we operate.
> >So folks, I feel very suffocated in an environment where you have to
> >beg the Government officials to reply your emails in a timely
> >manner. I feel uncomfortable to attend a meeting and not be able to
> >report back to fellow members. I feel embarrassed to be crippled by
> >the situation where people meet after weeks, have tea & biscuits for
> >free and discuss "what is an association" rather than having a let's
> >fix the .mu ccTLD attitude. The situation does not seem a pressing
> >matter for the Multi-stakeholder forum.
> Biscuits are not provided during the meetings of the forum. It is a
> very difficult environment. The notion of having well-informed
> decisions is unknown to most people. At some point you realize that
> it is not worth saying anything. By not saying anything you are
> agreeing to decisions which will cause problems in future.
> There are different aspects to confidentiality. If you signed an
> oath of secrecy you would keep the information which you are given
> secret. If information is provided to you on the condition that you
> do not disclose it to anyone else, you would keep the information
> secret. It would be strange to argue that a trivial matter or
> information which is not very sensitive should be kept a secret. The
> public interest can override confidentiality.
> >failures to limelight. The world has the right to know the dark side
> >of ICT in Mauritius.
> The dark side of keeping everything a secret are:
> (a) Employees are paid a lower salary as other employers who may
> be willing to pay them more will not know about their skills.
> (b) The consumer cannot take an informed decision even though what is
> written is that the consumer has to ensure that he/she does that.
> (c) It has a negative impact on the security of the internet in
> Mauritius.
> Regards,
> S. Moonesamy
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