Re: Information and Communication Technologies Advisory Council and internet-related issues

From: Ish Sookun <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2015 22:46:22 +0400

Hello SM,

On 07/01/2015 06:52 PM, S Moonesamy wrote:
> I understand that Logan, Ish or you might be afraid of operating in a
> transparent manner. I am not sure whether any of you are aware of this
> report [1] written by Mr R. Unuth, Central Informatics Bureau, in which
> it is stated that:

I will reply since my name features in this paragraph. I have stated
before I am an ardent proponent of transparency & openness. At the same
time, I respect consensus. That should give you an indication why the
vote of Logan, Avinash or I could be meaningless when it comes to
matters such as Internet filtering.

Have you done a proper homework about the number members in the ICT
Advisory Council? I believe you know what the votes of three against
more than three would mean. Have you contacted the Ministry of TCI as
Avinash suggested? I would request you to do the same & enquire about
the ICT Advisory Council and its member composition.


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