Public IP address for FTTH connection

From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2021 17:49:00 -0700

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a FTTH subscription with Mauritius Telecom since the service
was introduced in Mauritius. I requested that the FTTH modem be
configured in Bridge mode and it was set up in that mode since that
time. There was a remote configuration change over a week ago. It
caused significant technical problems at my end.

The output of a traceroute is as follows:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
  1 4.770 ms 4.733 ms 4.717 ms
  2 4.211 ms 4.185 ms 4.112 ms
  3 9.223 ms 9.208 ms 10.020 ms

The FTTH used to be assigned a "public" IP address previously. That
is no longer the case.

I ran a test by accessing a web site outside Mauritius. The
connection is identified as coming from It is odd
that the IP address does not appear anywhere in a "traceroute" to the web site.

Would it be possible to revert the FTTH modem configuration to Bridge
mode so that a "public" IP address is assigned on the "WAN" side?

S. Moonesamy
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