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From: Ish Sookun <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2018 18:55:02 +0400

Hi SM,

On 15/04/18 16:01, S Moonesamy wrote:
> If a company sets up a web site to publish news, does it qualify as
> "international media"? 

Mauritius was mentioned by

> [..] Nowadays, anyone can set up an "international" web site. 
> According to the India Editor, SCL Elections claims to have worked in
> several countries, including Mauritius.  I could not find any
> information which supports that claim.  Why do you believe that the
> claim is valid?

I quote from the[1] article:

    According to company documents issued around 2013, which were
    reviewed by Quartz, SCL has worked in 32 countries across Europe,
    North and South America, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

A list which included Mauritius, was published in the article.
did not publish the documents that it claims to have reviewed.


Ish Sookun

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