RE: Une possible contamination de WannaCry a Maurice

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Date: Thu, 18 May 2017 20:02:55 +0400

He says there's a case isolated one. But many attempts with suspicious
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Hi Ish, Florian,
At 08:21 18-05-2017, Ish Sookun wrote:
>I read
>y-eu-tentatives-dattaques and listened to the Hon. Yogida Sawmynaden's
>statement to the journalists' questions.
>The Minister says fine ena ene cas mo croire quelque part while he
>also says there have been attempts of cyber attacks. I did not receive
>any reply from CERT-MU. There is not way to study the spread of
>WannaCry and its impact in Mauritius.

The news article mentions that: "il y a eu des tentatives d’attaques sur des
compagnies Maurice". It is mentioned, in the audio interview, that the
virus [WannaCry] can propagate by email. There hasn't been any confirmed
reports (outside Mauritius) of a WannaCry infection by email. As for "des
tentatives d'attaques", nobody in Mauritius has been able to provide any
evidence of those attacks.

I agree that it is not possible to study the impact of WannaCry in
Mauritius. It is also not possible to study the spread of WannaCry as
CERT-MU has not provided any information about any ransomware infection.
There is a whitepaper from CERT-MU which is a copy and paste of information
which was published on the web or Twitter around four or five days ago.

S. Moonesamy

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