Re: Press says Amazon dedicates a branch to Mauritians

From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 12:55:28 -0700

Hi Shelly,
At 11:06 10-04-2017, Shelly Hermia Bhujun wrote:
>I am just getting involved because I saw the
>word online shopping and I would like to write a
>blogpost about it. However, I would like to know
>more about it before I start drafting my blogpost.

I'll disclose that I have been interviewed about
technical matters by the journalist. As the
journalist has been courteous I believe that it
would be inappropriate if I don't extend the
courtesy to the person. For what it is worth, I
also do that for journalists from another newspaper.

>I have purchased items from and this
>amazon Mauritius website does not look Amazon
>enough to me. It looks more like a fake website.
>Why is the logo different? Why didn't Amazon
>mention it on it's website or on FB, Twitter? If
>it was a real Amazon Mauritius website, I would
>expect since there is ,
> etc. Did defi make enough research on
>the website before writing about it? You can
>read the comments section of defi regarding that
>article. There are quite some questions and
>people seems to be skeptical about whether this
>is a fake website or a genuine one?

You raised a good point about the logo. It
should be the same as the one on
if the site is an Amazon web site. Amazon would
have mentioned the site on its website if was an affiliate of
Amazon. In the last paragraph of the news
article, Défi Quotidien actually asked a good
question. From past experience, I'd say that the
journalist does some research. However, I don't
know about the level of research for the news
article which you mentioned. I read about the
information which is found in the comments
section of the news article after I received the
question from Ish. :-) I found it odd that the
company's activity is described as "Travaux de
maçonnerie générale et gros oeuvre de bâtiment".

>Now, the article mentioned that it is a reseller
>but the website does not look convincing enough to me.
>'Amazon Mauritius est l'E-Boutique numéro 1 à
>offrir une livraison rapide et sûr vers l'île Maurice.'
>Everyone offers number one service in Mauritius! Come on!

It is usually like that in Mauritius as there
usually isn't any information on the web to
determine whether the company actually offers good service.

>'Une diversitée de produits européen certifiés pour répondre à vos attentes.
>Ce site a été crée afin de facillité l'achat sur
>internet. Nous garantissons des produits de
>qualité authentiques et originaux destinés pour
>la vente en France. Nous garantissons une
>livraison à votre domicile en moins de 15 jours
>ouvrés. Nous avons aussi plusieurs ambassadeurs
>de notre site sur tout le territoire mauricien
>où vous pouvez regler vos achats en espèces.

Is ambassador another word for describing a
vendor? :-) There are plenty of fake products
online. How does the vendor ensure that the
product is not a fake? I suggest reading

>I can't find any additional information on the
>website. How do you expect me to shop if I can't
>even read more about the conditions.

That is a good point. The web site does not
provide "NOS COORDONNEES". However, it does
provide some contact information. I am not sure
whether it is due to lack of experience of the
web developer or because of another reason.

>How do you expect me to shop online without
>seeing an https:// next to the domain name in
>the address bar? Isn't that supposed to be important?

The web site does offer "https" for its shopping
cart. Part of the web site is hosted on which is located in Germany.

Please send me an email if you have any more questions.

S. Moonesamy
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