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From: Deelvesh bunjun <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2016 20:29:48 +0400

Hi ,

i have been having issues since a few days with my internet. A lot of sites
seem to be unreachable.
I have used a dongle from emtel and havent had same issue.
All my devices from ubuntu to android devices to windows pcs have the same

Sites randomly cannot be reached. Others cannot be reached at all.

I have called tech support and all they want to do ever is quote: reset the

This is definitely an issue from orange part

here is a report from dslreports , please notice the amount of unreachable

<a href="">
<img src=""></a>

15.12s could not reach Santa Catarina, Brazil
15.12s could not reach Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
15.12s could not reach San Juan, PR
15.12s could not reach Dublin, Ireland, EU
15.12s could not reach Sydney, NSW, Australia
15.12s could not reach Chicago, IL, USA

 Please look into this
Since 3-4 days only steam is working properly for me !


landline phone number 4248095
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