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From: Martin <>
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 19:27:05 +0400

I think you are mistaken and here's why.

Facebook may look silly but it really depends on what you say using it. Our page won't send you candy crush requests. But the main point is: if anyone wants to contact me, whether on behalf of a company or not, I will be answering the same way using a website or a social network.
Each media has its pros and cons, but actually using fb for now means no startup costs at all and this is key for a humble and private initiative.

I have as well not a precise idea of what volume of e-waste I will be dealing with, but i'd better know asap if my projections are realistic so as to adapt my strategy.

You can definitely send anyone the Facebook page link. It is publicly available, and contains my personal phone number.

I copy the internet users list if anyone had the same doubts as you.

Anyhow, thank you for your time and attention. You are already helping me actually :)On Oct 16, 2016 18:27, S Moonesamy wrote: > > Hi Martin, > At 07:13 16-10-2016, Martin wrote: > >I'll eventually make a website when Facebook won't be enough. > >I am not a big fan of Facebook but it seems to work very well here > >in Mauritius... > > Facebook works well in Mauritius as "everybody is on Facebook" and > people over here assume that it is the best way to do marketing. :-) > > >If you know people or companies that may be interested that would be > >great to get in touch with them. > > I mentioned a web site as it would not look "professional" if I asked > a company to go to Facebook to read about the initiative and get in > touch with you. > > Regards, > S. Moonesamy >
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