RE: Ransomware issue and awareness

From: Shelly Hermia Bhujun <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 17:39:51 +0000

Hello SM,

She did not receive that message, so no, it was not a ransomware issue. Well, not having a software to identify ransomware attacks is unfortunate. It is very risky for a company.

Thank you SM.
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From: S Moonesamy<>
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Subject: Re: Ransomware issue and awareness

Hi Shelly,
At 10:03 11-10-2016, Shelly Hermia Bhujun wrote:
>Regarding that 'receipt' attachment, I thought that ransomware would
>imply receiving an email or a notification or pop-up requesting a
>certain amount of cash in order to retrieve the lost data but
>nothing happened. So, was it really ransomware or just some virus?
>Is there a way to scan emails in order to avoid such issue? Is
>antivirus or is there an alternative software which is more reliable?

There is an example of a message from a ransomware at You would see a message similar
to that one on the desktop if it was ransomware.

The email scan by an Antivirus would only detect ransomware which is
already known. I came across a case where the Antivirus software did
not detect the ransomware. Isuggest not relying on Antivirus
software or other software as all it takes is one ransomware to get
through for you to "lose" all your data (documents, photos, etc.).

S. Moonesamy
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