Complaint Airbox - my laggy 20mb internet connection

From: Didier DMC <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:07:36 +0400

I, Mr Didier Precieux, kindly bring an important matter to your attention. As a long loyal customer of Emtel ( using an emtel services for more than 10 years), i have trusted the company again and invested in the EMTEL AIRBOX. My fixed-line phone number for this service is 6570626. The free installation was done properly and the service was impeccable on the day of delivery. I have enjoyed my 10mb connection without any problem for an amount of two weeks after the launch of your product.
However, ever since those two first weeks, probably because more customers have also been using the AIRBOX, my internet connection has been subjected to many issues: problem with latency on international servers, very poor bandwidth connection during normal hours and practically non existent connection at peak hours. I have contacted again and again your customer support service to try to resolve this issue for the last 5-6 months; unfortunately your technical department is unreliable, inefficient and sometimes i wonder if they even exist to start with.
I want to stress that this issue is very important. I pay for this service each month and have waited long enough for my complaints to be dealt with. I have even upgraded to connection to 20mb but in vain, the same problem persist. I still have very poor internet connection - at one time the speedtest ( done on ) showed that my download speed was 0.27 mb per second out of 20 mb. This is unacceptable given that i pay almost a tenth of my monthly salary on supposedly a product which you labelled as " La revolution de l'internet illimité".
The only thing which it certainly did, is:a) provide me with a bad /inconsistent internet connectionb) provide me with a ping/latency of around 250-320ms on South African gaming servers; i did not make any test on Europe for i believe the result would logically be worst.
I have provided many information to your customer service, and even gathered many tests to support my claims. I still have a crappy latency; damaging my online gaming experience - on the same note, i wish to point out that nobody, in the customer support department, knew about "the ping" or "latency" on servers - the universal medicine is to RESET THE MODEM!! But back to the subject at hand, to recap - i have a bad ping on south african servers. I recall perfectly during the launch, the technician supported that the AIRBOX will be fit for gaming as he conducted a ping test on south african server , more precisely Valve servers, and the latency was around 100ms - unfortunately mine has always been above 230ms with packet lost. And for unknown reasons, my internet connection is very poor and inconsistent every single day. Sometimes i need to wait for 10 seconds for the google page to load up.
Finally i kindly stress out that i move from the 1mb connection of ORANGE for a better service. Unfortunately, this 1 mb connection was more stable and consistent than the more costly 20mb Airbox connection. Note that on Valve servers, my ping was 90ms - and i could actually play the game without hardly a trouble and i had no trouble working from my house. Since i have huge trouble accessing my mails from home, i can't work properly from there.
I am officially asking whether both my latency problem and the poor internet connection can be resolved. Please have a qualified technician call me and help solve the issue. If this problem can't be resolved, please show some professionalism and have someone tell me that it can't. I will simply end my contract with you and find another ISP.

I trust on your usual support and shall remain at your disposal for any further information

Mr Didier Precieux59343109
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