INV009 decision

From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2015 03:49:38 -0700

Dear Mr Sooltangos,

I am copying this message to the Mauritius Internet Users as Mr
Sookun will be acting as representative of the Mauritius Internet
Users on issues related to the INV009 decision by the Competition
Commission of Mauritius.

According to INV009:

   "MT undertakes as follows:

   a. Replication of 'My.T' offers

      To ensure that all MyT offers are replicated on a stand-alone fixed line
      broadband internet access basis.

   b. To maintain the same Quality of Service and other related determining
      aspects as are currently offered. These aspects include but
are not limited
      to noise margin, contention ratio and fair usage policies."

According to the download
speed for the "1 M" stand-alone offer is up to 1,024 kbps. According
to the "My.T 1 M" offer advertised last year ( )
the download speed (international) is up to 1 Mbps whereas the
download speed (local) is 2 Mbps. My understanding of that is that
the download speeds for MyT and the stand-alone offers were not
replicated as mentioned in (a).

I'll explain the issue as follows:

                                     ISP A ISP B

Download speed (international) 1024 1024
Download speed (local) 2048 1024

If both ISP A and ISP B are offering the above service for the same
price, an informed consumer would choose ISP A as it offers a faster
download speed (2048 kpbs) for local access. If ISP A replicates the
offer of ISP B, the offers would be as follows:

                                     ISP A ISP B

Download speed (international) 1024 1024
Download speed (local) 1024 1024

I understand that the issue might be viewed as highly
technical. Please email me if you have any questions about the above.

S. Moonesamy
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