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From: fluxy <fx_at_fluxy.net>
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2015 22:32:35 +0400

Hello all,
I am sorry for being inactive for a while. I have been busy recently with
my new employment.
Will try to be more involved henceforth.

For the record, I am currently Web Developer at La Seninelle Digital,
although my views and any of my actions reflect my own opinions and stance,
without in any manner, implied or otherwise, reflecting any engagement
whatsoever from my employer; nor will I intentionally divulge any
privileged or confidential information that my employment may grant me.

This said, welcome back to me, and hello again to you :)

Muhammad Yusuf ABDOOL SATAR

P.S. If like me, you find this mailing list too noisy, and it gets
difficult to deal with such a volume and rate of information, try this
little trick: http://hacklog.in/email-filtering-in-gmail/
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