La révolution d’Internet à Maurice est-elle en marche

From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2015 08:08:54 -0700

Hi Florian,

I read your blog article about "La révolution
d’Internet à Maurice est-elle en marche". You
mentioned the following: "Avec 1Mbps d’Orange, je
ne vois pas pourquoi changer". ADSL Home "1 M"
costs Rs 799 monthly. The monthly volume
allowance is unlimited. With ten times that
speed and an extra Rs 135 you would be able to
stream a video at 1080p. It might be interesting
for a person who has a Smart TV to test that and
experience the difference in quality.

I agree that the average user won't do the
following: "On ne va pas regarder dix films de 1
Go par jour ou 20 épisodes d’une heure par
jour". A person will need at least 62 GB a month
if the he/she watches one movie a day. That is
more than the current 50 GB cap set by Orange
Mauritius. It seems that, on average, a person
is led to believe that the slow internet service
is normal and he or she should wait one or two
minutes for a web page to be displayed.

I like what you wrote about choice. There wasn't
really a choice before now even though that may
be what people may be led to believe if they read
It seems that it is the custom in Mauritius to
make the consumer sign a twelve-months contract
without being able to test the service being
offered. If an ISP can provide a good service it would offer a trial period.

The following message is interesting:
The consumer benefits when there is real competition.

S. Moonesamy
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