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From: Cédric Poottaren <>
Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 22:01:20 +0400

Hello Nadim,

Thanks for telling me your views and for giving some tips. :)

I will give Mint with Cinnamon a try.



Cédric Poottaren
Software developer

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Hello Cédric,

On 29 May 2015 at 18:04, Cédric Poottaren <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> As I have mentioned on a previous thread, the PSSA had recently requested
> all private schools (IDK if that applies to state schools as well) to
> legalise all their Computers running under Windows.
> The PSSA has recommended to buy get Genuine Kit. But In the school where
> I'm currently working we have suggested the Management to go for Opensource
> software.
> The distribution I proposed is Ubuntu Desktop. Implememting FOSS will
> definitely spare the management some money but I am concerned about the
> students, will they adapt to it? Even some of the Educators are not very
> well at ease with it.
> Furthermore, the manuals currently being used are Windows UX orriented.
> Anyone has any views about that?

The former government bought some 7000 licences for Windows Vista / Windows
7 *[1]* and unfortunately (or maybe fortunately now for schools/colleges),
only very few were used. Can schools/colleges ask the IT ministry to
provide those software, since they are being "*used as decorative objects
on some shelves*" :p

Concerning Linux, I prefer Mint over Ubuntu. If you install
LinuxMint featuring the Cinnamon desktop, then you can install themes *[2]*
where you customise the desktop to have a Windows look and feel. I have not
tried to install themes (I prefer the default one) - but you can give a
try. There are 3 which will be of interest:

   1. Windows8 1.6 *[3]*
   2. Windows 7 Basic Light 1.0 *[4]*
   3. Windows7-Aero (Cinnamon+ GTK3/2) 2.0 *[5]*

Best regards,
Nadim Attari


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