Introduction to the group

From: Chamburn Radha <>
Date: Sat, 30 May 2015 21:34:19 +0400

Hello Everyone,

I am Chamburn Radha currently a student in University studying three
different fields such as IT, Business and Garden Design. I am also in
different groups such as Microsoft Student Partners, MSCC. I like to
participate and volunteer my free time to different NGO's or even helping
out someone to help make a difference and is also a great way to network
with people and learn from others as well as sharing experiences and

Being a person who likes challenges and tries to tackle them is a very good
thing to be able to join the mailing list as it will help me to become more
aware of what is happening and anything that I might know or be aware of I
can just share it on but as well as sharing it with other people who are
not knowledgeable about a specific topic area.

I am very glad to be part of this journey where surely many things will be
accomplished and networking with others will help in the future.


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