Re: National Commercial Bank private policy

From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 03:02:04 -0700

Hi Ish,
At 02:25 27-04-2015, Ish Sookun wrote:
>I found quite some anomalies on the
>website. Besides the screenshot used in the
>L'Express[1] article shows the IP address as
> Apparently, that could have been an
>internal test and the screenshot was sent to the press.

I visited the web sites and I noticed
some issues. I did not notice that some URLs
were incorrect until I read your message:

There is also the following:

The news article does not provide the source of
the image (screenshot). The reader might be led
to believe that the newspaper took the screenshot
because of the following: "Accessible partir du site web".

S. Moonesamy
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