RE: Career (was: Mailing list update)

From: Rossan Mousaffar <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 22:37:37 +0400

Hello Shelly,

i already introduced myself last year. There is nothing serious.

Thank you.

 ROSSAN Mousaffar (Le Muz)


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Subject: RE: Career (was: Mailing list update)
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 21:12:00 +0400

Sometimes we may joke. However, there are some limits to what we joke about as we would like to have serious discussions about problems related to the Internet in Mauritius. I understand that you want to have friendly mails but as i mentioned, i don't think this mailing list will look serious if a person does not know how to write a proper introduction.
We would like to have people who can contribute to this mailing list.
Thank you.

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> Subject: Career (was: Mailing list update)
> Hello,
> At 07:40 24-04-2015, Rossan Mousaffar wrote:
> >I already introduce myself before. :D
> I suggest that you read the two questions in my previous email
> carefully. It will be up to Shelly to see whether your answers are adequate.
> >Yeah i would love to get your advice guys, i.e i am unable to choose
> >between software Developer and Networking indeed i love both of
> >them. so what would you consider the best so that i can choose??
> You are asking a question about your career. Companies are currently
> recruiting web developers. I suggest looking at whether you want to
> pursue that career. If you want to pursue a career in networking you
> will have to find someone in Mauritius willing to help you.
> If I was doing the job interview I would tell you that the starting
> salary for that job is Rs 6 000 and that the proposed salary will be
> assessed based on your answers. You will be provided with an
> opportunity to show your knowledge.
> Regards,
> S. Moonesamy
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