RE: China decides to DDOS Github

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Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2015 19:59:32 +0400

50% agree
Because this can help as an indicator to protect citizens
Number of Psychopaths has been increased

50% disagree
It will invade people privacies

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> Hello,
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>> Mauritius needs a defense force
>> I think that it's high time for Mauritius - Yes
> Logan and you are in favour of CS1P2 and CS1P3 which is already part
> of the "National Cybersecurity Strategy".

I think that investing in protection against child pornography by investing in an expensive box was a blunder.

VPNs, have become pretty common and cheap, and the learning curve is easy. So it's easy for people to to circumvent those measures.

We've all seen the rise in malware which is compromising several websites in Mauritius. WHat about the malware in various companies that are running on desktop PCs that nobody has a clue about ?

> Are you also in favour of implementing in Mauritius?

No. I'm not interested in knowing who is torrenting movies. I'd be more interested in things like this:

How can we identify those risky patterns in Mauritius ?

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