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Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2015 14:36:40 +0400

Hello Sun,

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> *Question 1*
> Is it possible for any citizen to obtain legally and easily the address
> and contact information of a Registered Company/Organisation/Authority as
> well as its CEO(Name and Work Address)?

​Yes. You could visit the Registrar of Companies and access their "archive"
for free. You will only pay if you request a copy of the documents
(Certificate of Registration, Company Act, Consent of Directors etc), which
will be photocopies with a stamp by the office certifying a true copy.

Otherwise, you could visit[1] and access the electronic
database by the Mauritius Network Services for free. However, information
is limited. To get more information regarding the companies you will need
to request through their paid service[2].


> The purpose would be to send a registered letter to those entities by
> post.
> *Question 2*
> Does an email sent to the official address of a CEO of an entity, hold
> the same importance as a registered letter by post? By importance, I would
> mean that its harder for the person to deny that he has been sent a letter.

​An email is considered important. If you can prove the email was
delivered, you win the argument :-)​


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