Re: Reduire cybercrime

From: Ish Sookun <>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 10:39:42 +0400

Hello Ajay,

2015-03-21 10:26 GMT+04:00 Ajay R Ramjatan <>:

> Ish, the usage of that CD/DVD duplicator is what matters. If you're using
> the duplicator to make illegal copies of copyrighted material, you might be
> in trouble. The trouble gets worse if you're putting those copies out for
> trade.

​Yes indeed. As the quote says ​"​Any person who *knowingly* manufactures,
sells, procures for use...".

Knowing that what you have been commissioned to build will be used for
illegal copying, could land a person in trouble. An example will be, say I
know someone who is in the trade of pirated software. He asks me to build
such a device for him and I do. The device is then used to make illegal DVD
copies of software. That makes me a an offender though I am not the one
selling pirated software. Right? I'm not sure if this can be legally


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