Re: .mu update (was: Difference between someone who works)

From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2015 23:00:07 -0700

Hi Logan, Ish and All,
At 12:46 20-03-2015, Loganaden Velvindron wrote:
>When it comes to National Security, we cannot talk about
>sub-contracting the work. I'm not comfortable with the idea of a
>Mauritian Registry whose implementation was left to a non-Mauritian
>group which can potentially insert a backdoor for passive

The above is a policy issue.

The .mu Select Committee can take security into consideration if it
works on a technical proposal. The .mu Select Committee might not be
able to decide about the policy issue as it is not the local internet
community. National security usually costs more.

Would you agree to spend a few million rupees for national security?

S. Moonesamy
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