RE: Broken Internet for school, all financed by our money

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I would like to add on this one. This is a major issue for all academic institutions in Mauritius. Colleagues from abroad find it ridiculous that the pricing for dedicated lines are that expensive. On top of that, there is no such thing which exist as educational pricing, compared to other countries.

Universities, using adsl lines, but this does not come with static ip addressing. In the end, we are just having the same service as a home user, except that the price is almost doubled for business. Now that MT have started putting Fiber, but they still haven’t grasp the technologies behind it and what infrastructure is needed. On top of that the service we, as educational institutions are paying, are not up to the standard.

In a way, if a business is paying a huge amount of money for internet connection-adsl/dedicated lines, we expect to have a minimum standard of bandwidth allocation.

If the Govt wants to have a knowledge hub (well the previous govt was stressing on that), they should start thinking how other countries are doing and I agree with the point “Exchange points for education”


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Hola logan hehe tkt modi has give mauritius 500 millions $ hope that money help.

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Subject: Broken Internet for school, all financed by our money
Dear All,

Back when I was a student in high school, we went through the
conversion of our Internet Connection to the Government's IT Internet.

Back when I was a student, we realised that it was more about
political motivation than technical motivation.

-Porn sites were blocked.
(You could work your way around, with a very clever tricks).

-Inability to get DHCP on Linux machines. The was a problem with their
DHCP server. (I'm not sure if it's fixed now)

-Crippled internet.

No access to CVS, SVN, git protocol (git://...), and services like IMs.

Let me try to explain it, you could still connect to IM, but then, it
would try to do that through some proxy, which made your messages slow
to travel.

College Du St Esprit, at my urging, moved back to a standard ADSL line
to provide a better learning environment.

I don't believe that the school IT project favours growth of high
school student who are limited to educational websites. Students need
to get their hands dirty. Downloading code, through SCM, forwarding
port to their machines, and allow others to test their webservers.
Back then, it played a huge part in knowing how networking works in

Here is what I think would have really helped (and a better investment
of taxpayer's money).

-Subsidised Internet Connection to schools in Mauritius, allowing more
schools to get internet via ADSL, and get static IPs.

-Setting up an educational peering exchange points for Educational environments.

-Wide coverage of wifi on the school compounds. This would have solved
the internet-to-tablet problem.

Kind regards,

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