Re: News article about a "cyberattaque"

From: Loganaden Velvindron <>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2017 21:46:17 +0400

Dear SM,

Thank you for the feedback on the article. By creating your own DNS
record for the sinkhole within your enterprise network, you can easily
spot infected Windows Virtual Machines, when your IT infrastructure
has grown organically. Also, you don't need to depend on flaky ISP DNS
servers which have had issues during the past month with slow DNS

By allowing the infected hosts to connect to the real server, you
don't get granular insight into your own network. By creating a DNS
record and pointing it to your own internal server, you get a better
overview of infected hosts.

We both agree that the term "kill switch" is better instead of "bug".
Also, there's a typo for "Hardbleed". It's heartbleed. I've already
told the defimedia team about this.

Kind regards,
Logan from
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