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From: Shelly Hermia Bhujun <>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2016 18:35:45 +0000

Hello Irshaad,

Thank you! I totally forgot about BonApp and KFC!

Thanks again :)

Kind regards,


From: Mohammad Irshaad Abdool <>
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To: S Moonesamy
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Hi Shelly,

I have three apps that I think are similar to what you are looking for..
1. BonApp - An app that looks up food outlets and restaurants around you.
2. KFC Mauritius - The app by KFC that enables you to locate the nearest KFC outlet and order food from the app directly.
3. Bus Routes (Foxfort Mobile Ltd) - Looks up your current location and you input the destination of your trip and the app gives you details about routes and buses.

Those apps base their search according to your current location.

Hope these help


On 13 November 2016 at 22:05, S Moonesamy <<>> wrote:
Hi Shelly,
At 08:45 13-11-2016, Shelly Hermia Bhujun wrote:
Is any tech companies in Mauritius currently working on geolocation-based services/app/technologies?

Ish found the name of the company I was looking for. I am not sure how good the app the company created is ( ). I suggest contacting the company and the others which you found to get some technical details.

S. Moonesamy

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