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From: S Moonesamy <>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 07:51:33 -0800

Hi Logan,
At 00:14 17-02-2016, Loganaden Velvindron wrote:
>There are founders who are *only* interested in getting bright minds
>on a short-term basis. Their idea is that they might try to get him
>a decent salary but are already planning on removing/driving the
>bright minds out once the product is shipping. They are aiming to
>replace the most productive engineers with mediocre engineers who
>will only maintain the product. On top of this, they want you to
>document everything so that a smooth transition is possible. I have
>seen this a number of times happened to 2 very good software
>engineers in Mauritius. They decided to work for a big company and
>never look back, despite having a "routine" job. They don't trust
>the words of start-up founders anymore. Why would someone work hard
>for a start-up when he knows that he will be driven out once the
>start-up stabilises ?

Some parts of the above are gossip. I assume that you meant software
developer when you used the word "engineer". Which startups are you
referring to? During the last startup event nobody was able to
provide an example of a startup which is a success story. A person
works hard if the reward which he/she gets is proportional to the
work he/she does. There are some advantages when a person works for
a small company. There are also disadvantages.

In my opinion this thread is not about convincing software developers
to work for a startup. Elizabeth has shared her thoughts and she has
also volunteered to help with startups. She provided a few
references for some of her thoughts. Is there any mindset issue
which might negatively affect the interaction with carbon-based lifeforms? :-)

S. Moonesamy
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