Linux Meetup on the 12th of September

From: Loganaden Velvindron <>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 23:36:00 +0400

Dear All,

The Linux User Group of Mauritius would like to invite you on the 12th of
September for the following event:

Agenda: Detecting security breaches as soon as possible has been the holy
grail of Sysadmins & Engineers. I propose an interesting idea that allows a
fairly skilled sysadmin to reach that goal. However, we have to make a few
tradeoffs in terms of performance, for security's sake.

This will trigger an interesting discussion on how we can be more
responsive when there are security attacks against critical production

Demo: Detecting Heartbleed, the famous security flaw, using the classic
way, as well, as the proposed method.

Wifi: Available. SSID is "Open Wifi". However, port 22 is blocked. You are
advised to configure your SSH server to listen to port 443 in addition to
port 22 to get SSH access for now.

Food: Decently priced for both veg & non-veg.

Target audience: Sysadmins, Netadmins, Security engineers, IT managers &
Students interested in Network Security.

Pre-requisite: Basics of LUA programming language:

Remote Participation will be available through Google Hangout for those
outside Mauritius, or who are stuck with Internet somewhere. Please send
your email address and make sure that you have the Google Hangout plugin
installed before the 12th.

Kind regards,
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