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Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 13:15:14 +0400

Hello Shelly,

I received a reply from Ms Kathleen Fox, Public Affairs Officer. She is
hoping to host a speaker (please find her details below) from the US in the
late September. She wants some ideas on how we can get people who are
interested in "Open Government" from various sectors.

She is inviting me for a meeting next week to discuss about it. I was asked
to suggest a date and time for the meeting. If you guys have any queries or
suggestions please send me. It will be nice to hear from others in this
mailing list before I reply to the Officer.

{Here are details about the speaker]

*Corinna Zarek*

*Adjunct Associate Professor School of Communication *

· Corinna Zarek is an adjunct professor of Journalism. She
teaches *Communication
Law* for AU. She is an attorney specializing in First Amendment and freedom
of information law and joined the adjunct faculty in 2007. By day, Corinna
is the Senior Advisor for Open Government at the White House Office of
Science and Technology Policy. She works with federal executive branch
agencies to develop and implement open government initiatives, and
coordinates outreach with nongovernment stakeholders. Previously, she was
the staff attorney for the federal Office of Government Information
Services, which serves as the Freedom of Information Act Ombudsman,
assisting requesters and agencies in resolving disputes and reviewing
agencies’ FOIA compliance. Before joining the federal government, Corinna
was the Freedom of Information Director at The Reporters Committee for
Freedom of the Press where she assisted journalists with open records and
open meetings issues at the federal and state levels, participated in
litigation on open records and open meetings disputes and wrote about these
issues for the organization’s publications. She was also a reporter for *The
Des Moines Register*. Corinna sits on the board of directors for the D.C.
Open Government Coalition and Iowa Watch, a non-profit investigative
reporting organization.



On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 1:19 AM, OMDEEP GOKHOOL <> wrote:

> Hello Shelly,
> Yes , I have sent an email to the officer recently and I am waiting for a
> reply. Thank you for your support. Indeed I will not miss to update the
> mailing list about any progress. I will do my best to participate in the
> next weekly skype discussion.
> Regards
> Om
> On Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 7:59 PM, SHELLY HERMIA BHUJUN <
>> wrote:
>> Hello Om,
>> Have you been able to contact the Embassy Official?
>> Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help. I am sure a
>> lot of our subscribers would be glad to help you out!
>> Kind request: Please keep us updated about what is happening.
>> (We can also discuss about it during our weekly Skype discussion)
>> Thank you.
>> On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 3:06 AM, S Moonesamy <> wrote:
>>> Hi Om,
>>> At 01:57 PM 7/30/2015, OMDEEP GOKHOOL wrote:
>>>> Last weekend I participated in Yes You(th) Can II ,which was a three
>>>> days residential seminar organised by the US Embassy in collaboration with
>>>> the Ministry of Youth and Sports. During that seminar I raised a question
>>>> on "Open Data" in Mauritius. I mentioned that I am a member of the
>>>> Mauritius Internet Users and that we have recently participated in the
>>>> "Government Open Data Readiness Assessment". After that session I was
>>>> approached by an officer from the embassy. She asked me to send her a mail
>>>> since she was interested about Open Data in Mauritius and that she want to
>>>> involve other people who are also interested.
>>>> As you are leading this mailing list, I would like to request your
>>>> permission to contact the officer as a representative of the Mauritius
>>>> Internet Users and to see forward how we can collaborate to promote Open
>>>> Data.
>>> In my opinion it is good that you are taking the initiative to do the
>>> above. As you have participated in discussions on the mailing list and in
>>> the weekly chats you might have an idea of what to expect from us and what
>>> we expect from you. :-) I'll volunteer to provide guidance if you request
>>> it.
>>> Regards,
>>> S. Moonesamy
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