Request to represent the MIU

Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 13:57:15 -0700

Hello Shelly

 Last weekend I participated in Yes You(th) Can II ,which was a three days
residential seminar organised by the US Embassy in collaboration with the
Ministry of Youth and Sports. During that seminar I raised a question on
"Open Data" in Mauritius. I mentioned that I am a member of the Mauritius
Internet Users and that we have recently participated in the "Government
Open Data Readiness Assessment". After that session I was approached by an
officer from the embassy. She asked me to send her a mail since she was
interested about Open Data in Mauritius and that she want to involve other
people who are also interested.

 As you are leading this mailing list, I would like to request your
permission to contact the officer as a representative of the Mauritius
Internet Users and to see forward how we can collaborate to promote Open

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