University mail (was:Learning by observing)

From: Shelly Hermia Bhujun <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 20:11:34 +0400

Hello all,
I don't understand why it is becoming such a big issue. Ashmita is using her email address. Nobody on this list has said that she represents the University of Mauritius even though we know that she is the president of the UoM Computer Club.
CÚdric has been having problems getting an email address from the Open University of Mauritius. I was not aware that students would be having such difficulties requesting University for an email address. However, it is up to the student to be able to solve those problems- for more information, i would request you to attend our weekly Skype meeting.

I will ask SM to implement a guideline as from the 10th of July. As for people who are regular participants, i recommend that we give them up to 31st of July to solve their problem.
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