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Subject: Le_CEB_et_Canal_Sat_adopte_le_haut_débit_
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Date: Sun, July 05, 2015 8:09 pm
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Hi Patrice,

I read the news article about "Le CEB et Canal
Sat adopte le haut débit" [1]. According to Dr.
M. K. Oolun, Executive Director of ICTA [2], "we
have 8 internet service providers". There are
only three internet service providers in
Mauritius from which consumers can buy internet
service. Orange Mauritius is the only
alternative for some consumers as Emtel and
Bharat Telecom currently do not have the
technical infrastructure to reach their houses.

Is it up to the CEB to sell internet access? The
Central Electricity Board may have a Optic Fiber
network. However, it does not have the technical
infrastructure to reach the consumer's
house. The internet access market in Mauritius
is relatively small. The question is whether it
would be able to compete with Orange Mauritius or
Emtel. Given that it likely doesn't have any
knowledge in selling internet services it would not be easy for it to do that.

The news article does not explain how "le
monopole de Mauritius Telecom sur la fibre
tombera". It is incorrect to assume that the
(CEB) infrastructure is already there as there
isn't any "last mile" infrastructure.

Existing CanalSat customers are waiting for
Canalbox [3]. If it is going to be based on the
"Fiber Through The Antenna" [4] infrastructure it
won't be viewed as competing with the Emtel
Airbox. Some of the prospective customers will
be disappointed due to the limitations affecting
the deployment of the "Fiber Through The Antenna" [4] technology in Mauritius.

People in Mauritius are talking about "high
speed" internet access. During a (software)
developers' conference I mentioned to the
audience that a few people have been asking for
100 Mbps local internet access. People in the
audience asked what they could do with that. I
received the same question during an informal
discussion with a well-known Internet Service
Provider in Mauritius. There has been very
little discussion about what people would be able
to do with "high speed" internet access.

There is a tendency to lump telecommunications
and the internet together. A telecommunications
company focuses on "high speed" internet
access. An internet-oriented company leverages
the power of the internet to reshape the market.

S. Moonesamy

3. http://www.canalplus-maurice.com/canalbox
4. https://mu.linkedin.com/in/philippemeliet

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