Password reset problem on

From: Sruti Jughdharree <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2015 14:43:24 +0400

Hi everyone,

I was making an online application on First of all, a
registration is needed if you are a new user. I filled in all the details.
To proceed with the application, I need to sign in but the password is
apparently incorrect. It was not a problem since there is the 'password
forgotten' option where the username, email address and NIC number are
required to reset the password. I entered the info required and I get this
for the NIC number *'Invalid user data, please enter your correct values'.*

I re entered the NIC number like 10 times. Has anybody else encountered
this issue while trying a password reset? This procedure is preventing me
from completing the application online.

Thanks and regards,
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